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Converting Factors to a Flat Price
Converting Factors to a Flat Price

Converting percentage factors to flat price factors

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You can convert percentage based Factors to a Flat Rate directly in your project. You can use this to feature to exclude Factors from Change Orders.

Selecting Convert to Flat Price Factor:

On the 'Overview' tab of your project, select a percentage based factor, select 'Convert to Flat Price Factor', and click 'Submit'. This will automatically convert the percentage factor to a flat rate value.

How this works:

You can choose when to convert a factor that uses a percentage method to a flat rate factor. You can choose to convert your factor after proposal sign off, for example - when your project moves to Contract Phase.

  1. Select the Factor.

  2. Select "Convert to Flat Price", after clicking Submit you will receive a pop up asking you to confirm you would like to convert this Factor.

  3. The value of this Factor will be set for the Project at the time it is converted.

  4. This Factor will then be divided among the Rooms in the Project only (either Rooms that were present at the time the Factor was converted, or those added after).

  5. The value of the Factor will be divided among the Rooms based on the Category selected for that Factor.

How to Use this feature to Exclude Factors from Change Orders:

  1. After the Factor is converted to a Flat Rate it will apply to the Project only.

  2. The Factor will not apply to a Change Order created after the factor was converted.

How to Use this feature to Round your Factor to the nearest dollar:

  1. When the Factor is converted, the Flat Rate Factor will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

  2. Contrast with: when a Factor is based on a percentage method (% of Equipment, for example), the Factor will include two decimal places for cents.

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