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How to Turn On the Engineering/Scrub Stage
How to Turn On the Engineering/Scrub Stage

Setting up the Engineering/Scrub stage in your Company Settings

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If you'd like to use the Engineering/Scrub workflow, here's how to set it up in your Company Settings.

Please note: changing these settings will not affect existing Projects; only new Projects will reflect the new workflow.

1. In Settings > Company > Office > Defaults, you can turn on Engineering Workflow by selecting the stage in which you would like the project to pass through Engineering:

You can choose to push the project through Engineering "Between Estimate and Proposal Stages (Pre-Engineering)", "Between Contract and Install Stages (Post-Engineering)", or you can select both if you want the project to pass through engineering scrub twice.

There is also an option to select "Manager Override Per Project". This allows Project Managers to override the default setting. They can turn Pre/Post Engineering on/off for any project. When Manager Override is on, this section is available in the Project Details window:

2. In Settings > Company > Defaults, you will also need to designate which Project Types need to pass through Engineering. Scroll down to the Project Types section, and select which project types your company uses, then use the "Requires Engineering" checkboxes to designate whether that project type should pass through Engineering or not. If you have Manager Override enabled, you can enable engineering for any project type regardless of these defaults within Project Details.

3. Next, go to Settings > Team and assign the Engineering permission to anyone who should be allowed to scrub projects.

4. When you create a new project, you will see a dropdown at the bottom of the window where you can select the Project Type, Project Manager, and Engineer. You will need to have a PM and Engineer assigned before the project can move into the Engineering Stage. (You can always add/edit this information within Project Details).

5. Advance the project through the stages until it hits the Engineering stage.

Please note: when you move the project into Engineering, it will create a new version of the project. Pre and Post Engineering have their own reference versions, and own scrub fields, making Pre and Post comparisons and scrubs completely separate.

Now your project is in Engineering and you're ready to begin scrubbing items! Here's how to scrub, swap, and release items in the Engineering Scrub stage.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out in the support chat!

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