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Turn on/off Push New Items to Database
Turn on/off Push New Items to Database

Company Setting to turn on/off the ability to push product data to the database the first time an item is used.

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By default, the first time you use a new product in your account, the item attributes are saved to your database for future use. The idea is that you would likely be using the same item details the next time you use that item, so it prevents you from having to re-enter your pricing or labor every time you use the item.

Enterprise users can now turn off the default setting that saves item attributes to your company database the first time a product is used.

Why would I want to turn that off?
This option was built with large companies in mind. If you have a large number of Jetbuilt users, and you want to have better control of the accuracy of your data, this option may be helpful for you.

Turning this off prevents users from inadvertently saving data that wasn't intended to be saved. For example, if a user enters a product cost or description that is specific to the project they're working on, and they don't realize it's the first time that item was used, they will have edited that item in the company database without intending to.

We do have a user permission called "Push Updates to Products" that controls whether a user can run a Push to the database, but that only applies to the specific "Push/Pull" tool. A user without the "Push Updates..." permission could still inadvertently push item attributes the very first time a product is used.

If you have this option turned off, only users with permission to "Push Updates.." will ever be able to save anything to the database.

What should I do if I want to edit this setting?
The setting is turned on in all accounts by default, so if you don't do anything, your new products will be auto-saving to the database the first time you use them, as they always have.

If you'd prefer to turn off the auto-save, here's how to do it:

  1. Deselect the checkbox that says "Push New Items To The Database"

  2. Click "Update Workflow Options"

Hope this helps! Feel free to ping us on the support chat if you have any questions!

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