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Where to find your Jetbuilt Calendar, your calendar feed URL, and how to import it to Google Calendar

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If you have Jetbuilt Install and enabled the option "Use Scheduled Start Times" under Settings > Install, you will have access to the Jetbuilt Install calendar.

Where to find your Calendar Feed

By navigating to Install > Calendar and selecting a specific Team Member from the filter bar on the left, you will see a link at the bottom of the page titled "Feed".

Copy this link - it will be used to subscribe Google Calendar to your Jetbuilt Calendar Feed.

Where to Add your Calendar

In Google Calendar, navigate to the gear icon in the top right and select "Settings"

Then, select "Add calendar" and select "From URL". Then, paste the Feed URL and click "Add calendar".

Note: Different calendar applications take a different amount of time to pull the calendar feed. Google can sometimes have intervals as long as 12 hours between calendar pulls.

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