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How to copy headers and footers from one page to another in the Designer

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Some pages in Jetbuilt's Designer have Header and Footer Elements, which are separate from the body of the page.

What is a Designer Header?

Headers, along with Footers at the bottoms of the page, are parent elements that can hold other elements like images, text, and shapes without bleeding into the dynamically populated body.

These headers and footers appear on report pages that have dynamically allocated content in their bodies, such as Discussion, Summary, Line Item, and Acceptance pages.

Since there may be several different pages in your report with headers/footers, it's important to make sure they all look the same. In order to do this, we can utilize the Save as Default and Replace with Default buttons.

Save as Default

Once you get a header/footer to look exactly as you would like it to, you can save it as your default header. In order to do this select the header element and make sure that it has the pink dotted outline and the Selected Section on the left menu says "Header". You should then find a button on the left menu that says "Save as Default".

Clicking that button will upload that header as the Default Header for your entire company, so use it wisely. Your company may have one Default Header and one Default Footer at a time, which can be overwritten simply by saving a different element as default.

Replace with Default

In order to replace a header/footer that you don't want, again ensure that the parent element is selected and click "Replace with Default". This will immediately overwrite anything in that pages header and replace it with the company's Default Header/Footer.

Make sure to select Save Page at the bottom of the left-hand navigation to guarantee that these changes stick.

If you have any additional questions about Default Headers, please feel free to reach out to us in Support Chat and we will do our best to help!

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