When you use Jetbuilt, you have access to millions of items from hundreds of manufacturers via our product database. When you use these items, they're added to your Company database, where any information pertaining to Cost, Price, Labor, and other fields are stored. You can access and edit the items in your own company's database via the Vendors section.

All Products

By navigating to Vendors > All Products, you will be able to search for any item in the Jetbuilt database, which all come preloaded with MSRP and MAPP where available.

Products will come up here regardless of Dealer Pricing status - if we have it, you'll be able to find it.

Your Company Database

Once inside Vendors > All Products, you will find two additional submenus available. One of them has your company name! This is your Company Database, or a list of all of the items that you have used in your Jetbuilt projects thus far.

Items, including those from connected dealers, will not show up in your Company Database if you have not used them in a project yet. Here, you can search products just as in All Products, but the results will only return those items that you have used.

Custom Items

In the next tab, you will find a searchable list of all custom products that your company has created in Jetbuilt.

Here, you can edit custom items, but you will still need to create your custom items inside of a project.

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