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ConnectWise Integration

Connecting and Setting Up our ConnectWise Integration

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Jetbuilt provides users the opportunity to sync their projects with ConnectWise. This means that their Jetbuilt projects will automatically export to ConnectWise as Sales Opportunities, and any changes made to their Jetbuilt Projects will automatically reflect in ConnectWise.

Connecting Jetbuilt to Connectwise

You will first navigate to the Integrations page, which is under Settings > Company > Integrations.

Once you select "Connect to ConnectWise" you will find instructions at the top of the page to create an API member in ConnectWise and generate an API key.

A new API Member must be created in ConnectWise under Systems > Members > API Members.

Types and Categories

Once you have entered your Company ID and API Keys, you can set up your Types and Categories.

While some fields such as Factors SubCategory are locked, others are editable but with default values that will be created in ConnectWise automatically if they don't already exist.

This gives you the power to sort and categorize the data coming in from Jetbuilt according to how your ConnectWise is set up, or just to leave the defaults and have the Types and Categories created for you.

How Projects Export from Jetbuilt to Connectwise

When a project is created, Jetbuilt will export the project to ConnectWise as a Sales Opportunity. When the project is updated, Jetbuilt will update the connected Sales Opportunity. Jetbuilt will attempt to match or will create the following objects:

  1. Jetbuilt Project Owner to CW Primary Sales Rep

  2. Jetbuilt Client to CW Company

  3. Jetbuilt Client Primary Contact to CW Contact

  4. Jetbuilt Project Office Location to CW Site

Project Sync

After the Sales Opportunity has been created, Jetbuilt will automatically place all items in the project into the Sales Opportunity. When the project is updated, Jetbuilt will remove and re-create all Product Items. WARNING: When Inventory Auditing is turned on in ConnectWise, the Project will NOT export.

Jetbuilt will attempt to match items to ConnectWise, and if it does not find an item in the ConnectWise Catalog, it will create the Catalog Item.

Options/Change Orders

Options and Change Orders for your Jetbuilt projects export into ConnectWise as separate Sales Opportunities, following the same sync process as it does with full projects.

We hope this helps!

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