If you see this error message when you attempt to set up your Google Sheets Integration, you will need to add Jetbuilt as a Trusted App within your Google account.

To add Jetbuilt as a Trusted App:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

  2. Go to: 'Manage access to apps: Trusted, Limited, or Blocked'

  3. Add Jetbuilt's Google Sheets integration as a 'Trusted' app. (Google has some more detailed instructions on how to do this)

  4. When you get to this page, you will need to enter our Client ID: 344339339658-emd6b8g1p2qkclad5hqdgldu7hpj7p5s.apps.googleusercontent.com

Once you have added the app to your 'Trusted' list, you should be all set!

Hope this helps - if you experience any other issues exporting your projects to Google Sheets, please send us a message on the support chat!

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