Manager Approval

Requiring projects to be approved by a Manager before proposals are sent out.

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Jetbuilt offers Enterprise users the option to require proposals to be approved by a Manager before they are sent out.

With this option, companies can designate specific users as Managers, and only Managers can move projects into the Proposal stage to render reports once they are approved.

Managers also have the exclusive permission to move project stages backwards.

To Turn On Manager Approval:

Navigate to Settings > Company > Defaults and scroll to the bottom of the page - you will find a checkbox there titled "Projects Require Manager Approval." Select this checkbox, then make sure to click "Update Workflow Options" to save this change to your account.

Assigning Managers:

In Settings > Company > Team, you can edit User Permissions to assign a user as a Manager. Simply select the user you wish to modify, then toggle the Control Projects (Manager) checkbox as seen below.

Creating Projects/Watermarked Proposals:

Users without the Project Control permission can create, populate and edit projects as they always have. They can move projects forward through the stages as needed, up to the Estimate stage.

In the Estimate stage, users can render a watermarked proposal. This allows them to view how it will look, and make changes as needed. Every page within the proposal will carry this watermark until the project is moved to the Proposal stage.

Once the proposal is ready to send to the client, users can request manager approval by moving the project to the Proposal stage:

To Request Manager Approval:

Go to the Overview page and click Move to change the project stage.

This will open a modal where you can select a Project Controller to approve the project.

The Manager will receive a Sales Task to approve the project, along with an email alert.

Managers can then verify line items, costs, margins, scope of work and more.

Rendering Proposals

Once the project is approved, the manager can move the project to the Proposal stage. In this stage, the proposal will be locked for editing, and users can render a normal proposal (without watermark) to send to the client.

This ensures that the project in Jetbuilt matches the proposal the client receives.

The blue message bar in the Builder indicates that the project is locked in the Proposal stage:

Making Revisions

If the client comes back with requested changes, you can move the project to the Revisions stage to allow for editing.

To do this, go to the Overview page and click 'Move', then select the 'Revisions' option.

This will automatically prompt you to create a new version of your project so you have a record of what was initially proposed.

In the Revisions stage, the project is unlocked and users can make changes as needed. Once the revisions are complete, users can request Manager Approval to render a new proposal by moving it back to the Proposal stage.

Projects can go back and forth between Proposal and Revisions as many times as needed until the client is happy with it. Once the revisions are complete and the client signs off, the project can move to Contract and beyond.

If you have any questions about Manager Approval, feel free to contact us on the support chat!

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