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Enterprise Factor Method: Trip Calculator will calculate trip expenses and add it as a Travel Factor to a project
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The Trip Calculator is a tool that allows you to add travel expenses like hotels and flights with a Factor based on the number of people in your crew, and the number of days in your trip. For example, if you have a crew of 5 and you need to add hotel rooms for each of them for the duration of the install process, just enter the number of days and the cost/price for the hotel room. Trip Calculator will then add the total amount as a travel Factor.

To create the Trip Calculator Factor:

1. Go to Settings > Company > Factors
2. Click '+ Add Factor'
3. Add a factor name and description, and select the Trip Calculator Factor Method
4. Input the trip expenses, such as cost of a hotel per crew member
5. Click 'Submit' to save this factor to your company

Once the Factor is created in Company Settings it can now be added to a project.

To add a Trip Calculator Factor to a Project:

1. Open a project to the Overview page, and click '+ Add Factor'
2. Select your trip calculator factor from the dropdown menu

4. Input the number of travel days

Once the Travel Factor is added to the project you can adjust the crew size and days of labor in the Labor Breakdown section on the Overview page.

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