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Troubleshooting for Syncing your Google email account
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Connecting and authorizing a Google based account has its own process, so it may cause this error message to appear when a user attempts to connect their Gmail account:

If you see this error message, you will need to remove Jetbuilt's access from the Google account before you try to re-authorize the email account.

To do this go to Google's support website:
1). Log in to your Google Account

2). On the left navigation panel, select "Security"

3). On the 'Third-Party apps with account access' panel, select 'Manage third-party access'.

4). Select the site or app you want to remove (Jetbuilt) and select 'Remove Access'.

Once Jetbuilt has been removed, you can try the Google authorization process again by adding the email account within Jetbuilt.  

To do this, go to the Funnel-Email Sync section, and select Settings > Me.

You will see a message that says, "This app isn't verified". Click 'Advanced'

Then click 'Go to (unsafe)'. (We are safe, we promise.)  

From here you can grant Jetbuilt the permissions needed to send/receive/sync your emails:

Then just confirm these choices by clicking 'Allow':

Then you should be all set! You will see your email under the Settings>Me Email Sync section.

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Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions! 

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