How to use the Discussion Page

How to type pages of text in your project which can appear in your proposal.

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The discussion page gives you the ability to type long introductory letters to your client, present project-wide scope and more. 

• In the Builder, look for ADDITIONAL TOOLS near the bottom of the page. 

• Click DYNAMIC TEXT. Then you will see Discussion Page. 

• You can now give your page a title, which will appear large on the top of your proposal page. You can type your content and format it as needed. This page has no limits for content, as multiple pages will be created in the proposal.


Inside the Designer you will need to create a Discussion Page and insert it into a report group.

• Click 'ADD PAGE'. In the overlay, select DISCUSSION PAGE (from whichever template style you prefer).

• Name this page (Main Discussion Page, etc).

• Go to REPORT GROUPS, and insert that page into a group by clicking on the report group and dragging the page into the report group. Drag it up or down to place it where you prefer inside your proposal.

• While you are seeing a SINGLE page in this group, this represents as many pages as is needed to place the content for each of your projects.

Here is our tutorial video of how to setup and use the Discussion Report Page

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