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How to Add New Clients
How to Add New Clients

How to add new clients so that you can track them and create projects for them.

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You can add clients two different ways.  

1 - You can go to the Clients area, and click "Add Client". You will then see the overlay where you can enter the client's basic information, but not the individual contact information as that will come later.

2 - You can also add a new client when making a new project. Simply go to Projects, and click "Add New Project". In the overlay, you will see the field for CLIENT NAME. Start typing the client's name, and any known client will appear, which you can then select. If no match is found, you will then be able to type the name of a new client. 

This new client will then be added to your database for future use and editing.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us in support chat.

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