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Box Sale reports allows a list of all the products in a project, along with the total price of the equipment including shipping and tax, to be reported. This is different from a line item page in that it doesn't split up the products by room or system. 

To generate a Box Sale report, first you must create a Box Sale report page in the Designer. Navigate to the Designer area, click Company Pages, then click '+Add Page'.

An overlay will appear where you will select the Box Sale report page:

Click on the Box Sale report page and give it a name on the next overlay that appears, then click 'Create'. The Box Sale page will open up where you can edit the header to fit your needs. 

By default, the company name and address dynamic text boxes are in the header. This will automatically pull that information each time the report is generated. 

The header is editable, so the dynamic text can be changed by clicking on the dynamic text box and removing it or changing the dynamic text information type using the edit toolbar that appears at the top of the page. You can completely remove the dynamic text box by clicking on the dynamic text box and clicking 'Remove Element'. You can insert a regular text box where you can type in the information you want included on every Box Sale report. To do this, click '+Add Element' and select the 'Text Box' from the overlay that appears. 

To generate the Box Sale report, create Box Sale report group and add this page to it that report group. Then navigate to the desired project and generate the report as you would any other report. 

Let us know if you have any questions on Box Sales! 

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