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Editing your Purchase Order page within the Designer

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You've asked, and we've listened - your Purchase Order page is now editable within the Designer!

If you go to Designer > Company Pages you will see a new company page template titled 'Purchase Order'.

This is the default Purchase Order page in your account, and you can edit it to your liking, and/or create new Purchase Order templates as needed.

To create a new Purchase Order template, just click '+Add Page' and select the Purchasing page type. 

You will notice that we have included three different templates here: Purchase Order, Request for Quote, and Bill of Materials.

To create a new Purchase Order page, select the Purchase Order template and give it a unique name to differentiate it from your other PO template(s).

Now you can edit the page to your liking. 

1. Add your company logo to the header (first select the header section, then click 'Add Element' and select your logo image)

2. Add, remove, edit, or rearrange the fields in the top section - we have now given you more dynamic text field options to choose from, so you can customize this as much as you'd like. 

3. Select which columns appear in your Line Item table (first select the line item table, then click 'Edit Options' to show/hide different columns) 

4. Adjust the height of the Line Item table (simply drag the table up and down to set how much space you'd like to allow for the top section). 

Please note: since you can now position all of the design elements on this page exactly where you'd like them, the PO page can no longer dynamically adjust the height of the table to account for longer notes.

If you have several lines of Notes on your PO page, you may want to move your line item table down a bit to account for the additional space required, otherwise the additional lines of notes will overlap with the line item table. It's an unfortunate trade-off that we had to make in order to allow for more flexibility on the page as a whole, but we hope you enjoy the increased customization options!

Once you have set up your page the way you want it, just click 'Save' and head over to your project to start creating your POs!

When ordering items, you can now select from different PO templates, if you have multiple templates set up in your account: 

If anything doesn't look right on your rendered Purchase Order, just head back over to the Designer and adjust it to your liking. You can delete the previous PO; this will mark the items as 'not ordered' so you can select them again to render a new PO.

Hope these changes are helpful! Please feel free to ping us in the support chat if you have any questions! 

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