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Factors: Hours per Day of Labor
Factors: Hours per Day of Labor

How to create a factor to add specific labor-type hours per days a labor category.

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The Hours per day of Labor factor allows you to quote labor based on the number of hours needed for each day in any given labor category. In this example we will be adding Management labor to every day that has Installation labor.

Start by creating a new factor from Settings > Company > Factors, and select +Add Factor.

Under Factor Method, select "Hours per Day of Labor," ย and set the number of hours you wish to add per day. Next, select the type of labor you are adding hours for.

Finally, we select what category of labor you are assigning, and at what rate (Labor Type).

Now that you have set up a factor in the settings area, head back to your project and open the Overview page. Click +Add Factor and select a factor to use.

You can adjust the numbers here as needed. The numbers you set up in the Settings are will populate by default, but you can always change them on a per-project basis.

Once the factor is added to your project, you will see the factor total on the Overview page and in the Builder (select All Rooms/All Systems to see the full factor total - otherwise each room you are viewing will show its corresponding percentage of the factor total.)

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

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