Jetbuilt supports SageOne integration. Projects can be exported from Jetbuilt to SageOne where your products and services are matched up in SageOne and the project is created as a "Sales Estimate". 

In order to set up the SageOne integration, simply authorize the integration by going to Setting > Company > Integrations.  Then select 'Connect to SageOne'. 

Through your SageOne account you will be asked to allow Jetbuilt access to the account:

Then you will configure the SageOne integration by inputting your Jetbuilt income types:

Before exporting the project, make sure that the tax rate is set in Sage One. You can set the tax rate in SageOne by going to Settings > Sales Taxes > "Edit you tax settings".

Once this has been done, you are ready to export the project from Jetbuilt to SageOne. In Jetbuilt, go to the Overview page of the project and select 'Export to SageOne' on the lower, right-hand side under 'Additional Tools':

Once the project has been exported to SageOne you can now access the project information in the SageOne account. Under the 'Sales' tab select 'Quotes and Estimates' and you will be able to see all line items, project information, and project total. 

Let us know if you have any questions on SageOne Integration!

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