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How to Generate a Work Order
How to Generate a Work Order
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When managing various phases of a project, such as installation, it is important to keep track of the items and their associated tasks. Generating work orders can assist in communicating to team members what needs to be done and keeping track of what has already been done by checking off the equipment. 

To create a Work Order, open your project to the Install section, then select "Work Orders".

The Work Order page lists all the items associated with the project. You can organize work orders by selecting specific filters. Doing this will only display the items associated with the selected Job Phase and Room. 

To generate a work order, select the appropriate items and select "Install These Items". This will bring up a window that allows you to assign the work order and enter a description for the job. Then click "Submit". 

This will result in a "Work Orders" section where all the generated work orders are stored. Work orders can be exported as a PDF by hovering the cursor over the desired work order and selecting the arrow that appears. 

Note: The Install section is only available to users with an Install Platform subscription.

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