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Setting a Client Currency
Setting a Client Currency

How to assign a default currency to a client

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As part of our Multi-Currency functionality, Enterprise users can assign a default selling currency to a client. 

To do this, go to the Clients area, and select a client. This will open up their client page. Hover your mouse over the client name until a small pencil/edit icon appears to the right. 

Click the pencil icon to edit the client information. Towards the bottom you will find a dropdown menu titled "Currency" where you can select the default currency for this client. Then be sure to click "Update Client" to save changes. 

The next time you set up a new project for this client from the Client page, this will be the default currency on that project.

Please note that any projects created from the projects list page will populate with the default currency set in your Office settings. If your company has more than one Office, you will need to select an Office Location during project creation, which may then change the currency of the project. You can always override this and select a different currency when creating the project, if needed. 

For more information about setting up your default purchasing and selling currencies, click here

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