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Setting a Client Currency
Setting a Client Currency

How to assign a default currency to a client

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As part of our Multi-Currency functionality, Enterprise users can assign a default selling currency to a client. 

To do this, go to the Clients area, and select a client. This will open up their client page. Hover your mouse over the client name until a small pencil/edit icon appears to the right. 

Click the pencil icon to edit the client information. Towards the bottom you will find a dropdown menu titled "Currency" where you can select the default currency for this client. Then be sure to click "Update Client" to save changes. 

Next time you set up a new project for this client, this will be the default currency on the project. Note that you can always override this and select a different currency when creating the project if needed. 

For more information about setting up your default purchasing and selling currencies, click here

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