Before you can start exporting Change Orders, you will need to create a new Change Order page type in your account. Use the following steps to create your Change Order template:

  1. Go to Designer > Pages > Add Page
  2. Click on Change Order in the list of Report Page Types
  3. Pick your template style and name your page
  4. Click Add

Once you have created this page, you are given plenty of editing options. You can edit the line items the same way you would on a Proposal Page - which is described here.

You can also edit the Headers and Footers and Terms.

Once your Change Order page is ready to go, you can place it into any groups that you like by using the process described here. This allows you to add this Change Order into a group with a Cover Page, About Us, etc. 

NOTE: Even if you don't want to group your Change Order with other pages, you still need to create a group with just the Change Order in it. Creating this now will allow you to export this page, or "group" later on.


To create a Change Order in the builder, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Projects, and select the Project that you wish to add a Change Order to.
  2. Make sure your project is in the Construction Stage. For info on how to change your project's stage, click here. Switching to this Stage changes any unsold Options to potential Change Orders as a convenience.

To create a new change order, click on +Add Change Order

In the overlay that appears, fill out your change order info and click Create

NOTE: There is no need to click on the Attach to Room checkbox, because this Change Order is intended to be proposed by itself and not in the context of other rooms.

To add items to the Change Order, click All Rooms and All Systems, then click on your Change Order.

Add all of the requested change order items, then go to Reports and click Add Report.

Select the group that you created using your Change Order page template, and click Generate.

You can then download this PDF and send it to your client.

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