As you may have noticed, we have made some changes to the format of our Designer! These changes will allow Enterprise users to hide report groups, so you no longer have to sort through a list of irrelevant groups to find the correct one. We also hope that the new format will make your life a little easier, but we know that design changes can take a minute to get used to. Here is a breakdown of the new designer layout to help get you acquainted!

First Look:
You will notice that when you first open the designer, you are presented with a list of Report Groups, rather than Pages. 

You can toggle back and forth between 'Groups' and 'Pages' by clicking on the headings, "Report Groups" and "Company Pages".

Hiding Report Groups:
To hide a report group that isn't currently relevant to you, simply hover your cursor over the name of the group, and click the 'Hide' icon that pops up. 

Hidden groups are specific to each user in your company, so the groups that you choose to hide will only be hidden for you. Others can choose to hide different groups as needed. You can also rearrange this list and it will only affect your personal account.

Viewing Hidden Groups:
If you need to view a group that had previously been hidden, click 'Show Hidden'. 

You can then hover your cursor over the group name, and click the 'View' icon that pops up to move a group back to the main folder.

Editing Groups:
Select a group name to open it up for editing. 

To add a page to a group, simply drag it from the list of Company Pages.
To remove a page from a group, click the 'x' icon next to the page in the group list.
You can also rearrange pages within a group by dragging them into position.  

Previewing Pages within a Group:
Another benefit of this design is that you can now preview pages within the context of a group.
To do this, simply click the name of the page you'd like to view within the group list. 

Company Pages:
To view and edit your pages, select 'Company Pages', and select a page to edit. 

This 'Pages' list hasn't changed much, but you can now use the button at the bottom to toggle full screen for editing if you'd like.

This is only the first phase of improvements we are making within the Designer. In the next phase we hope to give you even more flexibility and organization for your groups, so keep an eye out for new announcements!

Please feel free to ping us on the chat if you have any questions. Thanks!

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