With a few simple tweaks, you can use Jetbuilt's quoting tools to quote rental equipment.

First, set up a new project and name it accordingly.

Next, go to the builder to begin adding products.

When quoting items that are specifically meant to be rented or leased, you can set these items up as Custom Products.

You can use the normal manufacturer and model number, but include the word 'Lease' or 'Rental' in the model number to differentiate this item from products that you sell. 

You can also add the word 'Lease' or 'Rental' into the short description.

Then add the price that you rent the item for as the "Sell Price".

If there are any costs associated with it, add those into the cost field. For example, if the item is a fog machine that requires juice, you can include the cost of the juice in the item cost. You may also want to include some amount for wear and tear into the cost.

Then add this item to your project, and continue adding items for each piece that you plan to rent out.

You can also add a line item for things like delivery or rental discounts. 

Then you can create a separate report template for rentals that includes a rental contract at the bottom, rather than a sales terms section.

To do this, go to the Designer and click "+Add Page" then select a new Acceptance Page.
Name this page, then adjust the language in the terms section to reflect your rental/leasing terms.

Once this page is set up, you can create a new Report Group that includes this page as the Acceptance page. Just pair it with your cover page, and a normal line item page.

You can then go back to your project and render a report from your new Rental/Leasing group, and you're all set!

As always, feel free to ping us on the support chat if you have any questions!

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