The Purchase Order tool is great for ordering the exact equipment in your project, but there may be situations where you need to adjust the item quantities to account for items you already have in stock, or add different items to the PO. 

We use the Versioning tool to provide a helpful workaround here. 

Once you have sold your project, create a new version titled "Purchasing".  

Make sure you are viewing the Purchasing version (the current version is listed at the top of the Project Overview page) 

Then adjust the item quantities in that version to account for any items that you already have in stock, or add any items that you need to order that weren't in the project initially. 

Then go to the Purchasing area and create the Purchase Order from that version. 

Since this is a new version you can adjust the equipment as needed without worrying about it changing the actual project that was sold.  You can always switch back to view the original sold/contract version whenever you need to.

Hope this helps! As always, feel free to ping us on the support chat if you have any questions. 

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